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MQA Registered Training Institution : PluriConseil Ltd

MQA Registered Trainer : Eric Ng Ping Cheun


Course 1 : “Economics for Managers”


TARGET POPULATION : Directors, Executives and Managers responsible for strategic planning, treasury, financial management, risk management, business development or research




• To help the participants think as a business economist.

• To provide the participants with a high level of analytical skills.

• To understand the working of the economy.

• To help the participants how to carry out an economic analysis.

• To help the participants how to interpret economic statistics.




Course 2 : “Effective Customer Care”


TARGET POPULATION :   Any employee




To learn how to provide caring services to customers


To develop interpersonal skills and proper attitudes


To understand how you communicate


To learn how to read body language, expressions and vocal tones



Course 3 : “Droit de la concurrence, droit à la concurrence”


PUBLIC CIBLÉ : Dirigeants d’entreprise, Administrateurs, Gestionnaires, Analystes, Conseillers juridiques




• Comprendre les notions du marché et de la concurrence.

• Analyser les pratiques anti-concurrentielles.

• Développer la méthode de l’analyse économique du droit.

• Discuter du droit de la concurrence sur fond de la Competition Act 2007.





Course 4 : “Gestion et Stratégie Commerciale”


PUBLIC CIBLÉ : Tout membre du personnel occupant une position de responsabilité




Comprendre l’approche globale du marché


Comprendre l’information commerciale


Comprendre l’action commerciale


Comprendre l’approche de la performance commerciale



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